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Fibre Optic Yeppoon

Specialising in Fibre Optic Installation, Repair, Splicing and Emergency Repair in Yeppoon

Next Gen Fibre & Data Networks service the Yeppoon area and provide Fibre Optic Installation and Repair, as well as Splicing and Emergency Repair. Operating for many years and completing a number of Fibre Optic Installs and Repairs, you can trust Next Gen Fibre & Data Networks for your project. So if you need Fibre Optic Repair, Installation or Splicing in Yeppoon contact us today for further information. Get a Free Quote for your next project, or contact us now on 07 5665 8721 for Fibre Optic Emergency Repair.

Yeppoon Overview

Yeppoon is a coastal resort town situated in Central Queensland, Australia. Located on Keppel Bay, at the 2006 census, Yeppoon had a population of 13,284.



Yeppoon has the 3rd highest population expansion rate in Australia, and has undergone a very large expansion in recent years including many new residential estates and various shopping centers either under construction or recently completed. During the last population count Yeppoon was recorded as having just over 10 thousand people but now figures are showing that Yeppoon's population is now well over the 15,000 mark.



The Capricorn Coast was part of the traditional lands of the Dharumbal Aboriginal people. The first European residents arrived in 1865. Pineapples and sugar were the major industries of the early town. Along with other sugar growing areas of Australia, South Sea Islanders were used as labourers on the sugar plantations, often without their consent (see blackbirding). No sugar is grown in the area today, and pineapple production has declined significantly in recent years. Yeppoon developed as a seaside resort in the late 19th century, being particularly popular with working-class people from Rockhampton, in contrast to Emu Park, 20 kilometres south along the coast, which had a more select reputation. Many large company picnics and day outings organised by Rockhampton businesses, such as the Railway workshops and administrative staff, Lakes Creek Meatworks and James Stewart & Co. were held at Yeppoon, particularly after a branch line of the Rockhampton - Emu Park railway was opened in 1910. Yeppoon and Emu Park were joined by road in 1939 with the completion of the Emu Park - Yeppoon Scenic Highway. Work on the road was started in the early 1930s as a work creation project during the Great Depression and was finally completed just prior to the Second World War with the construction of The Causeway and bridge between Mulumbin and Kinka beaches.