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Our past work

SEQ Water

"As SEQ Water did not have a preferred fibre optic installation company I decided to engage Next Gen on laying new fibre for a redundant ring PLC network to gauge their work. Upon completion of the works I inspected the quality of workmanship and am pleased to say that it was an extremely tidy and well laid out installation

Many Thanks Next Gen"


Our experience in fibre and data networks is extensive...


...from busways, to bridges and buildings.


Next Gen has been extensively involved in a number of large scale projects which required a range of skills and expertise. 


In particular, Next Gen and its people have been involved throughout the construction of the Brisbane busway, from its beginnings in 1999 to the 2009 audit of the inner city busway's cabinets testing and repairing attenuation loss and rodent damage.  These projects required constant consultation with the Busway Management and Control Centre, with regards to safety, works permits, traffic management plans, station platform management, time constraints due to AM/PM peak hours and night works on busy sections of the Busway.  In particular, rejuvenation works in 2004-2005 reduced the overall db loss of the 14km link by 60%, enabling the Busway Management to program their active equipment upgrades.


Other projects in the past include:


2001-2004 Uecomm Building Backbone Installations.

Project managed installation of Blown Fibre backbone cabling from the street entry point of the building to the Main communications room, (MDF). A cabinet would be positioned at this location then a Backbone Blown fibre tube would be installed to the Communications Riser. The Backbone cable would be installed within the riser to the top level. At Uecomms request, a customer would be connected to this riser fibre.


2006 Gold Coast City Council

Provided Consultancy services to the Gold Coast City Council on their underground Blown Fibre Network in conjunction with Roadtek for their ITS Network.  Next Gen Fibre & Data Networks purposed the correct method for the rectification works that were required after the previous contractor was removed due to non conformance. During this process, RoadTek recommended Next Gen to carry out the rectification work to the backbone network prior to re-blowing the fibre count to all cabinets.


2007 Bond University

Next Gen Fibre & Data Networks successfully designed, installed and commissioned the Data Centre for Bond University.  The project consisted of installing blown fibre from several buildings to the newly fitted out Data Centre. We installing all the 480 Cat6e Data Cabling, 1km of Blown micro duct and 4km of OFSM installed of the 6732 fibre termination.  We also supplied cabinets, tube distribution and fibre management and commissioning for the network. Once complete, we then had to link the car-park, and medical building to the network.  OTDR Power & Light Meter where tested at 1310nm, 1550 nm and 1625nm bi-directional and dual wave length fibre testing of 672 fibres was completed.


2008 QLD Pacific Motorway Audit and Rejuvenation

Next Gen Fibre & Data Networks were contracted to audit all Communications Cabinets and camera operations from Coolangatta to Logan River for the Department of Main Roads.  Camera functions were tested, and made operational in all locations.  Detailed reports were produced on completion, and the camera service became fully operational.

Once all sites had become fully operational, we then converted the existing Analogue network to digital.  We used the digital encoders and Cisco 2955 for all field locations and all doors were fitted with tamper proof door alarms. The total length of this network is 80km and installed down the centre of the M1 Freeway.


2009 Gate Way Bridge Upgrade

Next Gen Fibre & Data Networks has successfully been awarded the contract to blown in 168km of 12 core fibre count through the next 12 months. We have also been awarded the contract to fit out all of the Road Side Cabinet with the active equipment and commission the network. We have designed the cabinet layout for all the major nodes for this project as well.