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Issue No: 1

The Next Gen Newsletter Next Gen Fibre & Data Networks is proud to present the first in a series of email newsletters designed to inform and demystify the fibre optic and data communications industry. We are experts in the installation, design, testing and certification of fibre optic networks, delivering cabling solutions dayin- day-out to satisfied clients: we want to share our secrets with you. As this is our first newsletter, we're going to take the opportunity to introduce our company.

Delivering Cabling for Flexibility & Longevity
Next Gen was established to deliver quality fibre optic cabling services for corporate, government and local business. Our company ethos pivots around respecting our clients, whilst operating with integrity, honesty and reliability. We quote competitively and deliver to the agreed schedule. When engaging our services, we offer practical advice about cable installation. We consider cabling as a consultative exercise: we will listen to your needs, discuss the options and offer our views on your unique situation. We will offer solutions that facilitate flexibility and longevity, as we specialise in installing cabling networks that have the potential of expanding seamlessly, as your business develops.
We treat our client's networks as if they are our own: with absolute care and due diligence. Fundamentally, our highly trained technicians love designing cabling systems and gain satisfaction from exceeding our client's expectations.
If you have any questions about Next Gen, don't hesitate to contact us. In our next newsletter we'll investigate star networks verses ring networks.
Until then,

Craig Finch
Next Gen, Fibre and Data Networks
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